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VW Devon Interior Page 

VW Camper Van Devon Interior Furniture Page

Volkswagen Devon Moonraker Furniture

VW Devon Splitscreen Furniture

VW Devon Furniture

If you are trying to keep your Volkswagen Devon Camper van original then you may need to repair existing furniture or try and replace damaged items with either good condition secondhand items or with reproduction parts made and supplied by specialist companies.

The links below should help point you in the right direction but if you know of any useful links or companies not listed please contact me with their details and I will add them.


VW Devon Furniture and Interior Parts Useful Links

Devon Conversions Online

This is the homepage of the original Devon Conversion company. Devon is one of the oldest names in camper vans, the company being established in 1956 at Sidmouth in Devon. Originally all Devons were based on Volkswagen vans and by 1971 Devon had 55% of the UK market. The present owner acquired the company in 1989 and today Devon has one of the largest ranges of van conversions on the market and is the recognised converter for Toyota, and Renault, whilst still converting Volkswagen, Ford, Peugeot and Mercedes Benz.



Camper Interiors.co.uk

Along with their V.W. conversions, they also sell a range of camper parts, for instance: they stock 'Devon Style' handles, lift-off hinges, Devon table brackets, Devon metal table edge, with black insert, Westfalia table legs (straight legs and 'L' shaped legs),plus many other parts.


Devon Moonraker.co.uk

Devon Conversions Ltd. produced a number of camper van conversions based on the Volkswagen Van. If you are looking for VW Devon Moonraker information this is the site for you. Check out the Devon Brochures section of this site as they have various brochures and printed material spanning most of the Devon conversions on Bays and some of the Split Screen conversions. Also you can download some hand drawn plans showing all the measurements of the VW Devon Moonraker Camper Interior.


Club 80-90 Plans to Build VW Camper Devon Style Box Seat

If you want to build a box seat similar in style to the original Devon design then visit the Club 80-90 site for these useful plans with dimensions, This is the seat that fits behind the passenger seat and has a hinged lid creating useful storage space.


Camper Shop Poptop Parts

Supplying spares for VW Devon elevating poptop roofs such as roof bellows, hinges and gas struts.



The Devon VW Camper Interior Photo Site

A photo gallery showing interiors of Devon camper vans including Splitscreen, Bay Window, T25 and LT models.


Spooky’s Restoration Page

Spooky started life as a 1972 VW Devon Devonette, This site shows the story of his restoration and includes a copy of the original instruction manual for you to download.


The Samba.com Brochure Download Page

Amongst the many useful downloads on this site you can download original sales brochures, price lists and specification sheets for most models of Devon Camper including camper, sundowner, moonraker and LT van.


VW Pix.org

View or download VW Devon Camper Sales Brochures

Download a number of sales brochure for Devon Conversions including Eurovette, Caravette and Moonraker.


The Samba.com Manuals Download Page

Amongst the many useful manuals to download for your VW camper is an instruction manual for the 1975-1978 Devon Pop Top Elevating Roof.


If you are looking for second hand furniture or difficult to get hold of parts and don’t find anything on the links above then a good start might be to check the VW Breakers and Dismantlers, VW Forums and VW Owners Clubs listed on the Camper Interior Links Page.

I am building a photo gallery of VW camper van interiors so that readers can see what different interiors look like and get ideas for their own. If you have any good quality photos of your Volkswagen camper interior and you don’t mind them being published on the website please e-mail them to me.

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