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VW Camper Heating 

Welcome to the VW Camper Van Heating Page

VW Camper Heater

Volkswagen Camper Heater

Volkswagen Camper Heating

As anyone who has owned a VW Bay Window camper will know the interior heating if it works at all is not very good. Also if you plan to use your van in the winter you may wish to install an aftermarket heater such as a Propex, Eberspacher or Black Cat. A lot of imported VW vans already have interior heaters such as Eberspacher installed but it may be that it needs servicing or is faulty. Below are some links relating to the different types of VW camper heaters. If you know of any useful links not listed please contact me with the details and I will add them to the site.


How the VW Type 2 Heating System Should Work

Richard Atwell’s VW Heating Technical Page

Another really good in depth description of how the VW Bay Window heating system should work with lots of photos and diagrams.


Volkswest VW Heating Article

Everyone knows that the heating on the VW Camper van can be awful at times especially if it is neglected, and not checked out properly. This page includes a few helpful hints on how to keep your VW bus a bit warmer than usual.



Propane and LPG Heaters

One of the most common types of aftermarket heaters for the Volkswagen Camper Van is the Propex Heat Source.


Propex HeatSource

For over a quarter of a century the Propex name has been synonymous with quality air and water heating products. From the early days of heaters designed for the leisure market and with their new Heatsource range, they now manufacture some of the most advanced gas heaters available today for a variety of applications from motor-homes and caravans to leisure craft and horseboxes. Based in the UK we supply products across the world through a network of distributors and dealers. This is the homepage of the manufacturer. They have are known to provide very good technical support for their products and also sometimes have refurbished units for sale.


BlueBird Customs

UK Authorised Propex Heatsource Supplier

Based in Great Harwood, Lancashire Bluebird Customs are authorised suppliers of the Propex Heatsource product.



Truma Heaters

Another gas heater that was factory fitted by a number of VW camper companies including Westfalia was the Truma Heater

Truma UK Limited

Quality With Tradition

With over 50 years of experience as European market leader, Truma are renowned for their energy efficient blown air heating systems. Operating with liquid gas, these clean, reliable products are extremely economical and operate by sucking air in from the outside; this is used to warm the air inside the vehicle and then passed back outside again by the exhaust. Truma heating systems are extremely easy to use; it's no wonder that the majority of caravan manufacturers fit Truma heating products as standard. This web sites includes links to approved service centres.




Eberspacher Heaters

These heaters are fed from the petrol tank and were factory fitted by Westfalia on certain Volkswagen Camper models.

 Espar Ltd

The European division of Eberspacher is called Espar Ltd.

Eberspächer boat and motorhome kits use tried and tested components, developed over many years of experience. This is research and development you can trust. Eberspächer was the first to establish the UK marine market in pleasure boat heating.  Year on year they offer the satisfaction of a high quality and reliable heating system. Espar have factory trained dealers and service stations and will offer on the spot service and support.


Eberspacher Dealer and Repair Centers

The manufacturers homepage has this section to find your local Eberspacher dealers and repair centers.


Eberspacher Manuals Download

Download the manual for your Eberspacher heater.


Webasto Heaters

These heaters are also petrol heaters and were factory fitted by Westfalia on certain Volkswagen Camper models.

Webasto UK Limited

Feel The Drive

Webasto also offer you an ideal solution, without pre-heating, for heating the interior of your motor caravan: the compact and easy to install Air Top series of air heaters. Built in blowers in the system draw in air, heat it, and return this warm air from where it is situated, or distribute the heated air via a duct system. Benefits include:- low power consumption makes them especially suited to long periods of engine-off heating (e.g. overnight, lengthy stops)- emits heat from the moment you switch it on- individual controls distribute heat through the vehicle’s own ventilation system - the heater can be operated via timer, remote control or phone

Website includes links to find your nearest dealer.


Heater Manual Downloads

Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon Information Site

    Download some useful installation manuals and user guides for the Eberspacher Heaters and Timers as fitted to the VW Westfalia T25 / T3 / Vanagon.


The Samba.com Heater Manuals Download Page

    Amongst many useful manuals to download are instructions and installation guides for various types of heater including Stewart Warner, Webasto, Perfection, 411, Eberspacher and Hanlon & Wilson.

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