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VW Camper Retrimming 

Welcome to the VW Camper Retrimming Page

Rock and Roll Bed Foam

Westfalia Plaid Seat Material

Volkswagen Camper Cab Seat Covers

No Volkswagen camper interior refurbishment would be complete without replacing or recovering upholstery and soft furnishing items such as  seats, foam, rock and roll bed and buddy seat cushion covers, curtains, door cards, kick panels etc. 

  • VW Camper Foam Suppliers - To find out where to get foam for your Volkswagen camper rock and roll beds and buddy seats CLICK HERE.
  • VW Camper Curtains, VW Camper Curtain Accessories and VW Camper Cushion Covers- To find out where to get curtains, curtain accessories and cushion covers for your Volkswagen camper  rock and roll bed and buddy seat CLICK HERE.
  • VW Camper Seat Covers, VW Camper Carpets, VW Camper Interior Trim Panels - To find out where to get seat covers for drivers and passenger seats, carpets and interior trim panels for doors etc CLICK HERE.

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