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Camper Van Furniture Page 

Welcome to the Camper Van Interior Furniture page

Volkswagen Camper Interior

VW T25 T3 Westfalia Interior

Volkswagen Devon Moonraker Interior

Having decided to refurbish the interior of your vw camper van probably the biggest and most expensive decision will be whether to use the existing furniture or replace with new. Factors that influence this decision maybe the budget that you have for the refurb, the timescale for replacement of the camper interior and maybe also you prefer to use only original parts.

  • Keeping Original Camper Furniture - If you want to keep the original furniture then it may be that certain parts need repairing or replacing. To find out suppliers of parts for VW camper interiors made by companies such as Autohomes, Autosleeper, Danbury,  Devon, Holdsworth, Westfalia,   Dormobile, Viking etc. CLICK HERE.


If you decide to replace the camper furniture you have a number of choices:

  • Making Camper Furniture Yourself - Firstly if you have the time and the skills you could make the furniture yourself. If you intend to make your own camper interior CLICK HERE for useful links to VW camper van interior plans, suppliers of materials and useful information.
  • Buying Pre made VW Camper Furniture to Install Yourself - There are a number of companies making vw camper furniture now that you can install yourself. The design of the furniture, the quality and the price varies between different companies meaning there is something for all tastes and budgets. To find out more information on companies that make self-install vw camper furniture CLICK HERE.
  • Having A Custom Made Camper Interior Installed For You - If your budget allows then you may prefer to pay a company to do the whole refurb for you. To find out more about companies that specialise in installing custom built Volkswagen camper interiors CLICK HERE.


I am building a photo gallery of VW camper van interiors so that readers can see what different interiors look like and get ideas for their own. If you have any good quality photos of your Volkswagen camper interior and you don’t mind them being published on the website please e-mail them to me.

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