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VW Camper Electrical Modifications 

Welcome to the VW Camper Van Electrical Modification Page

Volkswagen Camper Leisure Battery

If you are going to be using accessories such as fridges, lights, radios when you are camping it is a good idea to fit a leisure battery. It is wired in such a way that all your accessories run from it. When the engine is running the battery is being charged and then when you switch the engine off and use your accessories they do not run down your main battery so that your camper van still starts in the morning.

Below are some useful links relating to buying and installing a leisure battery and other electrical modifications for your Volkswagen Camper van.


VW Electrical Circuit Resource Sites

Keith and Sylvias VW Site

A very useful site with multiple wiring diagrams for installing your leisure battery and split charge circuit in your VW camper. Also has some other useful circuit diagrams for things like installing intermittent wipers and central locking in your VW camper.



Zig Units

Zig Units handle charging of leisure battery from dynamo/alternator and mains, mains supply and fusing of auxiliary equipment. They were fitted as standard on some VW camper conversions and can be fitted as an after market extra if required.

Zig Electronics Ltd

Zig Electronics, part of the Carver Group, specialises in the design, development and manufacture of innovative electronic products and control systems for caravans, holiday homes, motorhomes, yachts, commercial trailers and other mobile vehicles. From battery charging and power supply units through to condition/level monitoring and distribution systems, Zig offers safe, reliable systems for leisure use.


12 Volts DC - Zig Instruction Manual Downloads Page

Downloads of Zig instrcution manuals in PDF format for most equipement Zig manufacture.


Club 80-90 Zig CF8 Manual Download Page

Download the installation and user manual for the Zig CF8 (CF6 is similar).



Electrical Cable, Connector and Switch Suppliers

Vehicle Wiring Products

Mail order supplies of auto electrical parts & tools. For trade & DIY. UK & Export.


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